Anda Travel. Responsible Tourism

Anda Travel. Responsible Tourism

Visit an authentic cattle ranch

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exceptional Experiences

  • It allows culture exchange
  • Learning more about principal rural activities

On this tour the passenger enjoy an authentic day in the countryside at an exclusive estancia in San Antonio de Areco.

At the start of the tour the group will travel to San Antonio de Areco and be able to enjoy a close up view of our pampas on the way and at the same time receive a complete explanation from one of our specialized guides.

On arrival at San Antonio de Areco the group will take a tour of the village, which includes a walk around the historical heart of the city. Following that the group will make their way to the exclusive ‘El Ombu de Areco’ Estancia.

Once at the estancia the passengers can take rides on the horses or go for a ride in a sulky whilst enjoying a buffet with traditional cold cuts, cheeses and beverages. At lunchtime the group will enjoy a typical country style barbeque prepared using only the finest quality meats. Dessert is accompanied by a folklore show, which is followed by a demonstration of gaucho skills.

Important: we provide touristic and non-touristic experiences! for more information, please ask!


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Why is this tour 'responsible'?

  • Nature
  • Be a local
  • Culture & Art
  • Unplugged

This tour supports the exchange and the understanding of the rural life and makes the traveller more aware of the existing cultural differences. One of the main features of a responsible tourist is to learn about the cultural, historical, social and economical aspects of the country they are visiting



Use of installations at the Estancia

folklore and gaucho skills exhibition

reception and lunch

Up to 12 passengers per vehicle

Pick up in no more than 3 hotels.

Highly trained, professional, quality guides.

Suggested Timetable:

Todos los días a partir de 10 am


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Visit an authentic cattle ranch

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