Anda Travel. Responsible Tourism

Anda Travel. Responsible Tourism

La Boca beyond Caminito

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exceptional Experiences

  • Visiting La Boca, including the famous Boca Juniors stadium
  • Discovering the hidden world behind Caminito.
  • Getting involved with its people.
  • Supporting local development initiatives.

La Boca is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Buenos Aires. With its cobbled roads, lively ambience and colorful buildings, it is one of the most recognizable parts of the city. Despite this, it remains one of the poorest; a contrast that may be difficult to understand without exploring the neighborhood itself. 

Many visits to La Boca (and its famous street, Caminito) involve wandering down a few of the lanes here, enjoying the street entertainment and perhaps stopping for a pleasant meal. Very few travelers experience the true essence and the people of La Boca, seeing only the the tourist front.

We invite you to explore the different faces of this unique neighborhood, to get to know the people that live here and what life is like in this region. The route La Boca beyond Caminito includes the popular tourist sights and takes one step further to learn about its rich history and the social values and traditions of these people. 

Visit an off-beat local art gallery and enjoy a coffee with community leaders to hear their stories, as well as seeing what makes La Boca such an iconic part of Buenos Aires. The tour will take you through Boca Stadium, home of one of the countries most-fiercely followed football clubs and you'll also have the chance to see and meet local soup kitchen volunteers at work. 

Learn about what lies beyond the tourist sights and take home your own image of La Boca. 



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Why is this tour 'responsible'?

  • Nature
  • Be a local
  • Culture & Art
  • Unplugged

This tour supports the sustainable development of organizations which work for the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of La Boca, managing to distribute the benefits of tourism more equally within the neighbourhood. It supports the work of a cooperative which employs young adults and runs training, education and mentoring of children and teenargers of La Boca. It also supports local artists and a publishing cooperative which produces books out of cardboard purchased from cardboard collectors cartoneros.


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La Boca beyond Caminito tour is among the top 5 alternative city tours in Buenos Aires by the Argentina Independent.

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Private guide

Visit and contribution in different projects in the neighborhood

Snack at one of the visited sites


Pick up and drop off at your hotel, only when choosing the tour by car

Entrance fee for the Express visit to Boca Junior's stadium 

Not Including

Most of the organizations have beautiful products on sale that you can choose to purchase. None of these products are included in the tour cost.

This tour only includes the items mentioned above, products or services not mentioned are not included in the tour cost. 

Private Trips

Private walking tours and tours by car are available every day and can be arranged according to the travellers´ preferences.

Suggested Timetable:

Lunes a Sabado 14 a 17 pm


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  • Cooperative book publisher

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