Anda Travel. Responsible Tourism

Anda Travel. Responsible Tourism

Visit an authentic cattle ranch

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exceptional Experiences

  • It allows culture exchange
  • Learning more about principal rural activities

In the morning, you will be transferred to the ranch. It is a cattle ranch located about one hour away from the city in the humid pampa. It is composed of an extraordinary park, a silo from 1858 and the original country house.

The program includes a barbecue with cow and lamb, typical meals (empanadas, creme caramel) and a tea with pastries and much more.

You can also visit a milking yard (place where cows are milked) which produce delicious cheese, participate in the roundup of cows and horses and also cook bread and meat pastries. You are going to learn how to make an authentic Argentinean mate with all the countryside secrets.

Strolls on carriage or bike, swimming pool, a soccer and volley field are available. Polo classes upon request.

This is a full day tour. It is also availabe with night stay to relax.


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Why is this tour 'responsible'?

  • Nature
  • Be a local
  • Culture & Art
  • Unplugged

This tour supports the exchange and the understanding of the rural life and makes the traveller more aware of the existing cultural differences. One of the main features of a responsible tourist is to learn about the cultural, historical, social and economical aspects of the country they are visiting




Complete lunch


Playground for kids

Swimming pool (open through November 15th – March 15th.

Suggested Timetable:

Todos los días a partir de 10 am


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Visit an authentic cattle ranch

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