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Exceptional Experiences

- Experience the jungle with natives that have lived there for centuries

- Sit around a fire and hear the stories of typical Argentine cowboys

- Feel the force of the waterfalls of Iguazu from meters away

- Explore the icy, glacial lands and waters of El Calafate


Visit three of Argentina's most important tourist destinations, providing a taste of the country as you travel from the northern most point to the far south. Even if you're short on time, visits to Buenos Aires, Iguazú and El Calafate should be at the top of your list. 

You’ll learn about and live the ‘Porteño’ lifestyle during your three days in Buenos Aires, exploring the cities most quintessential neighborhoods, developing an appreciation of the Tango phenomenon and interacting with its people. Iguazú waterfall system will amaze you as you explore both the Brazilian and Argentine sides of the river and spend time with the native Guarani people and learn about their culture. The El Calafate experience includes getting up close and personal with Perito Moreno, one of the world’s largest glaciers, and spending the day at a typical ranch with cowboys or ‘gauchos’, who represent an important part of Argentina’s culture and identity.  

There are a number of additional cultural and physical activities available that we can add to the itinerary. Argentina’s greatest sights are more than just beautiful things to look at, but encapsulate the culture and way of life of the people that reside in these parts.


Day 1 - Buenos Aires: Arrival to Buenos Aires
Day 2 - Buenos Aires: City Tour
Day 3 - Buenos Aires: Tango Tour
Day 4 - Puerto Iguazu: Arrival in Puerto Iguazu - Guarani community visit
Day 5 - Puerto Iguazu : Argentinean Side of the Falls
Day 6 - Buenos Aires: Brazilian Side of the Falls - Return to BA
Day 7 - El Calafate: Arrival in El Calafate
Day 8 - El Calafate: Excursion at Perito Moreno Glacier
Day 9 - El Calafate : Lago Argentino - Ranch Visit
Day 10 - Buenos Aires: Return to Buenos Aires


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Why is this route 'responsible'?

  • Nature
  • Be a local
  • Culture & Art
  • Unplugged

This tour contributes to a project designed to offer a solution to the high unemployment, illiteracy, disintegration of cultural identity and high vulnerability of the Mbyá-Guaraní community, who reside near Puerto Iguazú. 

Visits to the area serve to conserve the jungle and the “ÑandeReko” (way of living and being) of the legendary Guaraní community. The exchange between different cultures facilitates great respect and understanding, and helps us understand the Guaraní perspective of having greater respect for the rainforest and awareness of its needs. . 

Proceeds from the tour also go towards the “Check Out for Nature” project, which is carried out by Fundación Vida Silvestre, a local partner of WWF and to the organizations visited during the Responsible City Tour in Buenos Aires.



Day 1 - Buenos Aires

Welcome to Buenos Aires! We'll welcome you at the airport and arrange transport to take you to the hotel. Once there we'll have a chat about the itinerary and what you should expect in the coming days. Free afternoon to chill after a long journey

Day 2 - Buenos Aires

Today, you’ll go on a responsible walking City Tour, seeing emblematic sites and taking a visit to a local street art gallery. We visit the famous Recoleta Cemetery and Palermo with its green areas, parks and squares that make it one of the most popular districts of the city. Then we move to the historical quarter to see the Plaza de Mayo and its surrounding buildings (the Cabildo, the Cathedral, the Government House). Later you'll pass through the neighborhoods of La Boca, one of the most recognisable parts of the city. Here you'll visit an off-beat local art gallery and enjoy a coffee with community leaders to hear their stories, getting a sense of how life is in this part of Buenos Aires.

Day 3 - Buenos Aires

Today, it's time to get your dancing shoes on! You'll head off with an expert Tango guide, hearing all about the history of Tango and learning how to dance it at a local Milonga. You'll end up at a local club and hear about the Tango lifestyle from those that live it every day! Afterwards, you’ll be taken back to your hotel. Keep in mind that there are other Tango experiences available in Buenos Aires, including watching professional performers as a traditional Argentine restaurant. Don't hesitate to ask us about these activities.

Day 4 - Puerto Iguazu

Transport is provided to take you to the airport in Buenos Aires, from where you'll take you flight to Puerto Iguazu! Once you've landed, you'll be taken to your hotel to check in, before heading off to visit an indigenous Guaraní community in the heart of the rainforest. Learn all about their fascinating way of life and culture, including medicinal plants they use, traps for animals and part of their spiritual beliefs.

Day 5 - Puerto Iguazu

Today you'll enter the Iguazú National Park for a tour of the Argentinean side of the falls. It’s here that you’ll discover the immensity of these waterfalls as you walk across secure catwalks and paths that lie next to, below and over the top of the falls. You’ll even have the opportunity to experience Iguazu Falls from the river in a small boat and even move through one of the waterfalls as the water descends from above. A guide will teach you more about the forest and its unique flora and fauna. Following this, it’s back to the hotel.

Day 6 - Buenos Aires

Today you'll cross the border to visit the Iguaçu National Park on the Brazilian side of the falls. Here you’ll have your choice of various catwalks and panoramic points from which you’ll be able take in magnificent views of the entirety of the falls. After a few hours of exploration, you'll be taken back over the border and transferred to the airport, from where you'll fly back to Buenos Aires, land and check in at your hotel

Day 7 - El Calafate

Enjoy a nice breakfast and check out of your hotel in Buenos Aires before heading to the airport. The journey to El Calafate spans almost the entire length of country, so expect a full day of travel. Once you've landed in El Calafate, you'll be transferred to your hotel where you'll check in and get some well earned rest!

Day 8 - El Calafate

Enjoy a lovely breakfast at the hotel and get ready for the experience of a lifetime at the Los Glaciares National Park (entrance fee included). It’s here that you’ll discover the magnificent Perito Moreno and its walking trails. You’ll enjoy stunning views while navigating along circuits on the north side of the glacier, taking in various viewpoints at different altitudes. Don’t forget your camera!

Day 9 - El Calafate

It's another early morning as you'll set out on Lago Argentino by boat, navigating around the lakes large ice bergs and glaciers. You'll eventually arrive at a typical southern Argentine 'estancia' or ranch, where cattle are kept. Expect a relaxing day in the countryside learning about life on the farm and hearing stories from those that run it - a very interesting experience indeed! There is also an optional activity of taking 4x4s to a private viewpoint on the property, from where amazing views of the glaciers can be enjoyed. After the day's activities, head back to the hotel.

Day 10 - Buenos Aires

It's the last day of the tour! You'll check out of the hotel in El Calafate and be taken to the airport, from where you fly back to Buenos Aires and head to your next destination. See you next time!



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  • Buenos Aires

  • Iguassu Falls

  • El Calafate


- All accommodation with breakfast. Hotel quality will vary according to your chosen package:

Buenos Aires - 4 nights
Puerto Iguazu - 3 nights
El Calafate -3 nights
- All transportation as mentioned in the itinerary. This is with a group unless stated otherwise

- All tours and excursions mentioned

- Entrance fees to national parks 

Not including

- Domestic flights are not included in the quote, however can be quoted if necessary

- Lunches and dinners are not included, unless mentioned in the itinerary 

- Tours and activities mentioned as optional


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