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We are a boutique tourist agency that designs, promotes and books travel routes and responsible tourist packages in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Uruguay.

We plan each trip according to individual client's budget and needs.

We work every day to make sure to bring social, economic and environmental benefits to every community in every destination.

What differentiates us is our closeness to our customers.

We are present from the first moment. We listen carefully to each individual and work with them to plan destinations and activities. With us, the customer is always taken care of.

After receiving our customers at the airport, we will share all necessary information to ensure they have a pleasant and peaceful stay. We are with them throughout the whole trip to guide and advise until the very last minute. When it’s time to depart, we will send them off truly grateful that they’ve trusted us.



Elvira Museri


At the risk of sounding corny , traveling is what motivates me, what excites me and what I enjoy doing most with my family and loved ones. I love to discover unexplored places , where people live quietly and I wish I could learm from that peace but I also love my crazy city life. What can I do? Life is full of contradictions, and I am no exception.

I dream of one day becoming a photographer who can portray the incredible places that my country and my continent holds. I love art, aesthetics, and above all, a beautiful view from a hammock.

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Angela Schlag


Nine years ago, I was a traveller in Argentina and chose ANDA as the agency to help me organize a responsable trip. What I learned during that trip touched me deeply and when I came back to Argentina to live here, I was sure that I wanted to work nowhere else but in ANDA. Nowadyas, I am a proud partner to help move forward with a green travel mission and encourage others to choose the fair way when visiting a new place. I think my story tells enough about how personalized and long lasting responsible travel can be. 

In my free time, I enjoy languages, books, the ocean and weekends in the countryside with my family.

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Victoria Rossi

Sales & Operations

I am part of the Anda Team for a few years now and it was quite a journey!
I love delivering a close-up kind of tourism for those who are looking for more authentic experiences by exploring and respecting the local community and its culture.
I’m personally motivated by art and culture, love getting lost in the streets of any city, taking photos and explore new cultures accompanied by my playlist, a good book and my camera.

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Soley Beloso

Sales & Operations

I have joined this beautiful family quite recently...yes, I'd like to call it "family" because this is the way they made me feel since the very first moment that I put my foot into Anda, I am a village girl that moved to the big city in order to fulfill her dreams. 

I am presently studying Hotel Trading and Tourism and I feel happy that my first job connected to this fantastic world is a place promoting a tourism that allows to respect the nature and culture of each destination visited!

I love sharing moments with the people I love, travelling and learning day by day something new from this life! In my free time, I like doing reiki, studying astrology and spending time in the open air with my friends and family!

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Stacey Trunova

Sales & Operations

My name is Stanislava, you can call me Stas or Stacey.  I recently joined Anda team, having worked previously in study abroad programming and language teaching, so traveling and cultural exchange has always attracted me in my career path. I came to Argentina from Russia  as a traveler 5 years ago, and immediately fell in love with this gorgeous country and its people. After spending a fair amount of time exploring Argentina and Latin America I am now happy to share my in-depth knowledge with our passenger, especially in my favourie destinations of Northwestern Argentina and Peru. 

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