Anda Travel. Responsible Tourism

Anda Travel. Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism

Is defined as tourism that satisfies tourists, maintains or enhances the destination environment, and benefits the destination's residents.


According to the WWF, responsible tourism is:

"One that meets the needs of tourists, while supporting environmental conservation and improving the welfare of local people. It is adapting tourism and interest in contextual situations destination, while helping to enhance benefits and reduce the negative impacts of tourism on the environment into which it develops travel"


Making the best possible use of natural resources, continuance of essential ecological processes. And help to sustain natural heritage and bio diversity.

Respect the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, preserve cultural heritage and traditions and contribute to intercultural understanding and tolerance.

Ensure viable and long-lasting economic operations. A fairly distribution of the benefits among stakeholders, including stable employment, assured income opportunities and social services for the host communities, and contributing to the reduction of poverty.

If you would like to know how we apply these ideas and concepts into our daily work click here to see our responsible travel policy.